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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Motives® Cosmetics by Loren Ridinger

Motives® Cosmetics by Loren Ridinger

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Motives- Face Perfecting Primer - Softens the skin and provides logner-wear of your cosmetics.

Motives- Eye Base - Locks in the color of your favorite Eye Shadows

Motives - Pressed Eye Shadow- Award winning colors and textures

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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Classic, retro, kicky: Anabelle (by Marcia Sherrill) eco-chic handbags take the fashion world by storm!

Marcia Sherrill, a fashion and interior designer with over 24 years of experience, has designed a fabulously fun handbag line called, “Anabelle” (by Marcia Sherrill), which is taking the fashion world by storm!   Member of the Council of Fashion Designers of America, Marcia is inspired by her fifteen-year-old teenage daughter and her gaggle of friends who endlessly amaze and influence her style savvy-ness.  Marcia gains additional savoir-faire from classic fashion designers as CoCo Chanel and Schiaparelli, as well as interior designers such as Syrie Maugham, Lady Mendyl, and Sybil Colefax. Anabelle handbags are an elegant way to add virtue to a woman’s style and classiness.
“Eco-Chic is the fusion of style and a sensibility that honors the planet”, states Marcia.  Her eco-chic handbags are made of organic printed cottons that use only vegetable-based dyes. Their creative logo is the symbol of southern hospitality: a Pineapple.
In addition to Anabelle (by Marcia Sherrill), the owner and founder has developed a couture handbag, accessory and shoe line called SHERRILL LTD, which all items are made of exotic skins and 18k gold buttons, buckles, attachments, etc. These items, in comparison to the Anabelle handbag line, are quite pricey.  The Anabelle handbag line price range is up to $100.
For online shopping go to the following website:  or
For more information about Ms. Sherrill and her awesome story about hope, survival, and beating breast cancer, check out a clip of her sharing details of her journey to the top on The Today Show: or read her book called: Portraits of Hope: Conquering Breast Cancer. The book is also on-line and support breast cancer through charity.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Vintage Scarf: Re-using and Re-styling Fashion

Founded by Paula Horlick, “The Vintage Scarf”, offers eco-chic timeless scarves in several classic colors, materials, and styles. The original scarves have lasted many fashion seasons and can be easily reused and re-styled for today’s trendy eco-chic fashionista. Re-styling vintage fashions is a voguish way to blend classic attires with a modern flair.  Any outfit can be adorned with these classic accessories to add pizzazz.
Headquartered in Bella Vista, Arkansas, Horlick founded The Vintage Scarf in 2008 and continues to be inspired by others who encourage her to continue reaching for her passion, goals, and dreams. Horlick’s favorite quote is: “Never, never, never give up!” which motivates her to work harder at fulfilling her aspirations.  
Sophistication sells. It's that unique selling point that most people really want to receive from their shopping experience. The Vintage Scarf believes that outstanding personalized service is the optimal goal in reaching, obtaining, retaining customers who purchase its products. Horlick sends personal “Thank You” notes to every customer after each purchase. Because each scarf is “The Real Deal”, Horlick offers a 30-day, 100% authenticity guarantee on all scarf accessories, scarves, and shawls.
Adding an ageless scarf to one’s wardrobe is an easy and affordable way to enhance one’s style without breaking the bank. For those cost-conscious divas, scarves are affordably priced from $12.99 to $24.99. Order online today at:
Paula Horlick can be reached at the following:
Direct - 479-876-6429
Toll Free - 888-364-9749
email:    Facebook Fan Page

Sunday, December 5, 2010

ecoSkin collections: eco-chic, eco-smart, eco-sexy

Inspired by nature, bright colors, and landscape, ecoSkin collections creates designs that relate to our atmosphere. ecoSkin allows individuals to look their  very best while supporting brands that care and support the environment. “People can look fabulous while being earth conscious”, says its owner, Sandy Skinner. All products are made from either bamboo, tencel, Hemp, or most commonly, organic cotton. ecoSkin will introduce Sorona Corn (a organically produced fabrication) jersey in their Spring 2011 collections. Sorona is a new polymeric fiber (such as polyester and nylon), but it is manufactured in an environmentally sound way by reducing toxic emissions and inefficiencies. 

Sandy Skinner, owner of ecoSkin launched its eco-chic, eco-smart, eco-sexy clothing collections in 2008; which is based in Los Angeles, California.  When asked about eco-Skin’s mission, Skinner reported, “We want to give an option for fashion-forward customers who care about looking updated and stylish but still want to buy Made in the US product made from sustainable materials!”   

Prices range from $48.00 for basic t-shirts to $200.00 for fully organic cotton dresses. Customers can shop 24-hours per day via their website: and specialty stores across the U.S.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Mind altering fashion: Organic, inspirational, positive clothing by Ideologie

Inspired by nature, philosophy, spirituality, and the arts, Ideologie organic clothing arouses ones desire for eco-consciousness and self-expression through artistic fashion.  It’s about making an environmental, social, philanthropic and conscious statement that one can publicly share and visually wear. With their fashion-forward t-shirts, you can look and feel great while supporting the eco-chic social movement. With Ideologie clothing, you too can make a statement and create a fashion movement through this clothing collection. Ideologie is a fully organic clothing company founded on the beliefs of love, hope, awareness, education and art.  It believes that self-expression is a great route to self-empowerment and a building block of positive communication. 

Ideologie is environmentally conscious and uses 100% certified organic cotton (USDA & TDA certified), low-impact dyes on all fabrics, and prints with pvc-free recycled water- based inks. Sustainability is a huge concern for Ideologie and innovation is paramount to developing new technology and manufacturing efforts without sacrificing other values such as social responsibility, pricing and, most importantly, the quality of its products. 

Ideologie is proud to work as a platform for artists from different backgrounds such as: textile designers, graphic artists, photographers, fashion designers, sculptors, musicians, philosophers, athletes, as well as architects and industrial designers.  Recognition and exposure are key elements when collaborating with artists and Ideologie. Moy Romano, President of Ideologie, proclaims ‘A big part of the concept Ideologie is trying to create relies on art and the abilities of the artists. We see the artist as the loud speaker for the an output to the feelings of a given community, society, movement, etc. So we try to work together to give them exposure. Most of the Ideologie pieces are signed by the artists themselves, and all of the artists that have worked with us have a profile on our website, get credit for their work, participate in Ideologies’ social events…’ Recently, Ideologie sponsored a mixed-media showcase where well-known artists like Monasita, and Jorge Tellaeche, a college student with great ideas, and a muralist from impoverished areas in rural Mexico were able to showcase their crafts. In many cases, Ideologie serves as a stepping stone into new and bigger projects for artists. Romano states, ‘For us, learning from them, sharing the message, and growing together is a beautiful experience.’

Ideologie is environmentally-conscious and shares through its philanthropic efforts. On occasion, Ideologie collaborates with other organizations and either donate products or give them away. It donates 2% of all sales to Acumen Fund ( which is a non-profit organization that seeks to overcome challenges faced by over two-thirds of the world’s population living in poverty. Additionally, Ideologie has its own NGO in Mexico called Entiende mas Logra Mas ( through which they help educate students in impoverished areas of rural Mexico where education is limited or under served.  2 of the 3 founders of Ideologie grew up in Mexico and have had intense, first-hand experience with poverty, a lack of educational structure, and economies in transition, so they are very passionate about helping others less fortunate. 

Closer to home,  Ideologie  participates in socially-conscious events like the Coachella Music Festival in California, along with Pirate Stereo (dj’s) and gave away organic t-shirts with Coachella/Ideologie/pirate stereo prints to whomever jumped on a stationary bike to help power the energy for the event.  Ideologie is a social movement and its products are often found in faraway countries like Japan and Scandinavia. When customers (family members) wear Ideologie they are indeed changing the world. The coolest part is that they are choosing clothing that is a fully organic form of communication that transcends geographical/social/racial/religious segmentation. 

Ideologie items are moderately priced, given the sustainability, philanthropy, limited production and differentiation of their products. Many items range from $40 to $70 retail. Its mission is “To embrace the POWER of SELF-EXPRESSION, promote AWARENESS of SELF and our IMPACT on the ENVIRONMENT, it is to RELISH on the powerful effects of ART, and MANIFEST the importance of EDUCATION around the world. Our ultimate goal is to INSPIRE YOU to take an ACTIVE ROLL and become a CATALYST of CHANGE in the RIGHT DIRECTION!” –Moy Romano, President. 

The guaranteed place to find Ideologie’s fabulously organic items is through their website:  Fans can also follow along on Twitter and Facebook. Additionally, an array of retailers carries various lines, depending on the season, and collections and can be found in Boston, San Diego, Amsterdam and Tokyo.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


The chicest trend is to wear items that are eco-conscious. An great way to join the eco revolution is to shop for eco-chic clothing. Green is the new black. Many fashion designers are adding sustainable (hemp, organic cottons, silk, and banmboo) products to their collections. Trendsetters like Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Hudson, and Rihanna are jumping in and wearing clothes from the eco-fashion movement.

So instead of shopping for that sequined black dress this holiday season, look online for an ethically sound, bamboo gown. You'll look great while helping the environment.


San Francisco Style 2010 is lining up to be the premiere fashion event of the season. With a nod to Fashion Night Out NYC, San Francisco will debut its own version of this epic evening on Nov 18th. An event as unique as San Francisco, itself, SF Style will showcase up and coming designer brands and boutiques. The SF Style Bazaar will be held in the SPUR Center, 654 Mission Street and will incorporate a local designer trunk show, an exhibit, and an eco fashion show.

Local Designers will feature their Winter collections and wow audiences with fashion and art that speaks to San Francisco's unique style.

Fashion show featuring sustainable designers Oda Style, Ethos Paris, and Lorian Lindsay to name a few. Tickets are $15-$75 each. Show starts 7:30-11:00pm

Date and Time
301 Battery Street
San Francisco, CA 94111 (Map)
cross street: Between Clay & California
district: Downtown/Financial District

Thu Nov 18 (7:30pm - 11:00pm

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Nov. 2010 “Green Fashion Event” – Sequels Consignment Boutique

Sacramento offers many eco-chic boutiques that offer haute fashion placed on consignment for trendy shoppers.   “Sequels Consignment Boutique” has designer clothing at ridiculously affordable prices. They carry seasonal items such as gowns, furs, chic handbags, brand-name shoes, and classy accessories. Savvy shoppers can find Armani, Betsey Johnson, Burberry, Christian LaCroix, Christian Loubutin, Escada and St. John designers, just to name a few.  The store is bright, inviting, and well-organized. The staff is always friendly, helpful, and charismatic.
Stop by anytime. Shopping hours are: Monday – Friday 11am – 6pm; Saturday 11am – 5pm. 

Check out the following sites for more details: and
Click the SUBSCRIBE button at the top and receive Eco-chic fashion instantly delivered to your inbox. If you own an "Eco-chic boutique" (boutique specializing in “green” fashion) or if you are an eco- friendly designer specializing in sustainable fashions, send me an email at: to be featured in an upcoming article. 

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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Featured Fashion: Maisha Dahati

Introducing: Maisha Dahati, a Sacramento, (Ca) based fashion designer who creates classy, funky, and sexy clothing. Dahati began her fashion career in 2003 and is inspired by women that look and feel good in their clothing. Dahati designs are fabulously eco-chic because she uses textiles made of rayon, organic cottons, spandex and bamboo. Dahati loves designing creations made of bamboo and jersey-knit fabrics because it drapes female silhouettes effortlessly. Dahati designs and fabrics are simplistic, monochromatic, and stylish. Dahati creates designs for celebrities, boutiques, and bridal events.  

Budget-conscious fashionistas can now afford fashionable eco-chic clothing without overspending. Prices range from $100 and up. Contact Maisha Bahati at: for additional details and/or to place an order. 

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Friday, October 22, 2010

The Green Barista - $18 (by fintintan)

♥ rows of shirred elastic above the chest and at the waist
♥ made from soft and cozy reclaimed unused flannel fabric
♥ lime green background decorated with tea cups and saucers, teapots and sugar bowls and white sayings, "my cup of tea," "sugar," "cup & saucer," and "teapot."
♥ I've added a pale pink organdy sheer as a sash that I'll include with your order . . . tie in the front, in the back, or on the side
♥ made from reclaimed flannel fabric
♥ pair with some colored tights and your favorite cardi and you'll be one hot cup of tea![0]=tags&includes[1]=title

Jungle Jane Dress -$22

♥ strapless repurposed dress in classic leopard print
♥ shirred elastic above the chest and at the waist
♥ cotton/poly blend fabric (not see thru)
♥ 100% leather animal print belt or black sheer organdy sash (your choice!)
♥ stylish and wearable long after Halloween; leopard print is all over the spring runways so get yours now!
♥ pair with tall boots or stiletto heels and all that's left is to find your Tarzan[0]=tags&includes[1]=title

Econica -organic stretchy shirt $85

Organic cotton ruffled wrap shirt by Econica