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Belva Bell
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Sunday, December 5, 2010

ecoSkin collections: eco-chic, eco-smart, eco-sexy

Inspired by nature, bright colors, and landscape, ecoSkin collections creates designs that relate to our atmosphere. ecoSkin allows individuals to look their  very best while supporting brands that care and support the environment. “People can look fabulous while being earth conscious”, says its owner, Sandy Skinner. All products are made from either bamboo, tencel, Hemp, or most commonly, organic cotton. ecoSkin will introduce Sorona Corn (a organically produced fabrication) jersey in their Spring 2011 collections. Sorona is a new polymeric fiber (such as polyester and nylon), but it is manufactured in an environmentally sound way by reducing toxic emissions and inefficiencies. 

Sandy Skinner, owner of ecoSkin launched its eco-chic, eco-smart, eco-sexy clothing collections in 2008; which is based in Los Angeles, California.  When asked about eco-Skin’s mission, Skinner reported, “We want to give an option for fashion-forward customers who care about looking updated and stylish but still want to buy Made in the US product made from sustainable materials!”   

Prices range from $48.00 for basic t-shirts to $200.00 for fully organic cotton dresses. Customers can shop 24-hours per day via their website: and specialty stores across the U.S.

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